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Administration of Justice

The Administration of Justice program at the Fullerton College Police Academy is designed to guide student through the process of qualifying for various positions in law enforcement.  Day and evening classes are available in both semester length and short term formats. 

Fullerton College Basic Police Academy places great emphasis on preparatory training.  The recruit officer curriculum is specifically designed to achieve technical competence and basic proficiency in all areas of police training.

The Basic Police Academy is committed to the philosophy of community-oriented policing.  This partnership, the police working with the community to solve mutual problems, is the vehicle by which communities hopefully will be able to overcome unwarranted actions by citizens.  We are committed to developing peace officers who will be able to forge ongoing partnerships with their communities which facilitate the ability to identify and solve problems together.  We are committed to ensuring our graduates will be thoroughly prepared to work cooperatively in the multi-faceted cultures in which they serve.

Program Options

The Basic Police Academy – Extended Format provides recruits with a part-time alternative to the full-time academy format. 

Approximate cost of the program is $6,000. This cost covers tuition, various administrative costs, ammunition, equipment, and uniforms. Eligible students may use Financial Aid, Tuition Assistance or Veterans’ Educational Assistance to offset training costs.

For complete degree and certificate information, including required coursework listings, refer to the College Catalog. For current and future course offerings, refer to the Class Schedule.

Contact Info

Cynthia Sands
(714) 992-7115, available Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.